Application examples

The source distribution examples directory contains proof-of-concept studies that were conducted with alexandria3k as examples of its use.

They are structured to use Makefiles based on simple-rolap for orchestrating the queries (it is installed automatically) and rdbunit for unit testing them (it needs to be manually installed for running the tests). Running (GNU) make in a directory will produce the expected results in a reports sub-directory. Many of the studies can take hours or days to run. When running the scripts on a shared Unix/Linux computer, running make as nohup nice make will log the operation in the file nohup.out (use tail -f nohup.out to view it), prevent the command from terminating when a session is disconnected, and decrease the priority of the tasks to minimize their burden on interactive users. When modifying existing studies or creating one ones, run make help in a study directory to see some potentially useful make targets.

The common directory contains Makefile rules for satisfying data dependencies common to more than one study. It also hosts downloaded data sets to minimize useless replication. The Makefile residing in it can be used to tailor the running of all other studies.

The following examples are available.

Published results

The following queries have been used to publish derived figures and tables.